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Workshop-Enhance Workplace Performance and Creativity with Hypnosis

Enhance Workplace Performance and Creativity with Hypnosis

Simple and Successful Way to Programme Your Mind and Achieve Everything You Want in Life

Outline of Workshop-Five Stages

– First: Lowering anxiety with hypnosis
– Second: Dealing with our own negative self-talk
– Third: Providing subconscious motivation to stop procrastinating
– Fourth: Building self-confidence (hypnotherapy is excellent in that regard)
– Fifth: Releasing the creative power of the subconscious

Time and Price

Duration: 3 hours
Group Price: original price $3800 per workshop, discount price $2500
Individual Price: $480 per pax, minimum 10 people to start a workshop.

Introduction of Hypnosis

We have known for thousands of years that our minds possess incredible power, capable of bringing into our lives anything our heart desires.

But how can you unlock this latent power in you? People have tried different ways to access their ‘mind power’ and the one method stands above all others is the art of hypnosis.

Hypnosis allows you to enter the deepest level of your subconscious mind, fix things and result in a permanent, lasting change. It enables you to tap into this power of your subconscious mind and live the life you want. It is a critical life skill that can help you to achieve amazing results in your life by changing your beliefs and patterns that may have been limiting you from being the best you can be.

You’ll be able to learn the skills to re-program your mind to attract the success you want and you’ll be able to dissolve the “inner blocks” that prevent you from succeeding.

Who Should Attend?

This course is highly suitable for people from all walks of life – from executives who want to perform better at work and upper management who want to achieve even higher breakthroughs to people who is seeking purpose in their lives

Trainer’s Profile

Brief description on Hypnotherapy Instructor – Mr. Aaron Yu
催眠导师• Master of Education (Major in Counselling), James Cook University
• NTU bachelor degree in engineering with full scholarship
• Certified National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Hypnotherapist Instructor
• Certified International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT) Therapist Instructor
• Certified American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH) Hypnotherapist
• Certified Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP) Master Practitioner
• Certified American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE) Instructor
• Certified Timeline Therapist, Instructor
• ACTA Certified Trainer, Singapore Ministry of Manpower
• National Certified Counselor, China
Mr. Aaron Yu is an experienced psychotherapist and hypnotherapist with more than 10 years’ professional experience, who has in-depth study in Family Therapy, Trauma Therapy, Enneagram, Narrative Therapy, Art Therapy, Hypnotherapy etc.

Media Exposure

1) Interviewed by MediaCorp, video on Toggle (2018):
mediacorp interview

2) Featured in XinJiaPoYan“新加坡眼”Official/Public Account Platform (Nov 2015):


3) Featured in LianHeZaoBao “联合早报” (Sept 2015):

4) Interviewed by Capital 95.8 FM 城市频道 DJs Xu Bing and De Ming for their “健康意见” (Health Advice) programme. Covered topics mainly on mental health (March 2015).

Professional Hypnotherapy & Coaching Training

Neuro Mental Image TM Hypnotherapy and Coaching Course Series (NMI)

What is NMI TM (definition)?
Neuro” in this context literally refers to the “nervous system” which can be effectively acted upon by NMITM hypnotherapy techniques and coaching skills. By adopting the techniques in NMITM, positive self-beliefs can be cultivated in one’s subconscious mind by modifying past memories and regulating self-limiting beliefs.

Mental Image” refers to the mind map of every single individual which is uniquely distinctive. The mind map of each individual represents the cognitive mechanism underlying behaviour and emotions. Successful and happy people tend to have positive mindsets, whereas pessimistic individuals tend to be negative and anxious most of the time. The content of an individual’s mind map is the main determinant of his/her outlook towards life.

How does NMITM work?
NMITM course specializes on in-depth exploration and modification of the subconscious mind. Cultivation of positive attitudes and behavior is made possible through the reprogramming of mind maps and internal train of thoughts.

How does NMITM benefit you?

  • Health: Control stress levels, insomnia and various suboptimal
    health issues
  • Emotion: Improve gender relations, parental child relationship &
    social relationships
  • Career & wealth: To drive motivation, enthusiasm and inspiration
  • Awakening of the mind: Discover your mission and purpose in life

How unique is NMITM?
NMITM is specially designed by the Nanyang Academy of Clinical Hypnosis Pte Ltd and is not available elsewhere in the region. The course has delivered proven results that are applauded by participants whom have experience positive lifestyles changes after utilising the techniques they have acquired from the course.

NMITM is different from other hypnotherapy courses in the market as it is a comprehensive course that encompasses Psychological Knowledge and Hypnotherapy as well. Our students are expose to a wide array of studies related to hypnosis and psychology to ensure their proficiency in achieving effective subconscious remodeling and healing process.

How long is the NMITMcourse?

The Program entails six courses (unfolds over a six-month period) followed by another six-month supervision training thereafter.
Total hours: 200 hours

What are the learning styles?
Learning occurs via face to face class, supplemented by audio files, video, online quizzes, discussions and the explication of reading assignments with the support of the instructor through the online platform.

What is NMITM‘s course breakdown?

Course Brief Introduction
Traditional – Basic Hypnosis Variety of traditional hypnosis skills will be taught. For example:
(a) Behavioural Analysis on case studies
(b) Hypnotic Susceptibility Testing
(c) Pendulum Hypnosis Induction
(d) Hypnotherapy for pain management
(e) Hypnosis script writing
(f) Hypnosis for habit change etc.
Traditional – Hypnosis Application Variety of advanced hypnosis application skills will be taught. For example:(a) Goal setting with hypnosis
(b) Age Regression Hypnosis
(c) Past Life Regression
(d) Hypnosis for emotional processing
(e) Self-hypnosis etc.
Trauma Coaching A set of therapy techniques that systematically deals with psychological trauma to restore inner happiness and instil vitality
Image Communication Coaching A hypnosis healing technique that explores and modifies the subconscious image. Image communication psychotherapy is a guided imagery technique that helps you connect to your inner wisdom; intuition in ways that are not always accessible in normal waking states
Counseling, Life Coaching and Assessment Skills Various psychological counseling skills will be taught, such as:(a)Identification of various psychological problems
(b)Counseling Psychology
(c)Master standard operating procedures and diagnostic skills of counseling
(d)Personal Therapy Skills etc.
Ericksonian & Storyline Hypnotherapy A unique hypnosis technique that uses unique non-verbal cues i.e. Hypnosis through storytelling

*Additional Info
Note. 1 Participants have the option of doing any course independently, which allows them to begin anytime and complete the work at their own pace.

Note 2. If you intend to pursue hypnotist certification under the National Guild of Hypnotists, USA (NGH), kindly register for the courses “Traditional – Basic Hypnosis” and “Traditional – Hypnosis Application”. However, should you intend to pursue our full NMI TM hypnotherapy course, all 6 courses must be completed in order to achieve full certification, of which, includes certification from our academy as well as NGH.

Note 3. Participants who have learned part of the course may request an exemption for the corresponding courses subjected to the Academy’s approval.

if you want to know more about this course, you can attend our preview seminar
click here for details about the preview seminar

Hypnosis Preview Seminar (First 50 Pax Free)

Please allow yourself 2 minutes to digest the following information that will change your life!

Welcome to Subconscious Mind & Hypnosis Preview Seminar

1. What is the seminar about?
To provide an understanding on the nature of hypnosis from a scientific point of view and how hypnosis affects our lifestyle. Issues discussed include:

  • How does hypnosis accelerate positive change in life?
  • Why is it so difficult to break bad habits using willpower?
  • Why do most people feel lethargic even though they have not done much in a day?
  • What is the relationship between stress, emotional issues, insomnia and hypnosis?
  • How does hypnosis break bad habits and conquer troubling obsessions?

2. How can Hypnosis benefit me?

  • Handle life pressures to maximize your inner potential
  • Relief insomnia, anxiety, depression
  • Regulate body functions, get rid of suboptimal health conditions and improve health
  • Build confidence, improve interpersonal relationships and overcome learning difficulties
  • Quit smoking, lose weight, break bad habits
  • Remove negative subconscious beliefs and behaviours, help others (and yourself) ease pain

3. Who is the guest speaker?


Hypnotherapy Instructor – Mr. Aaron Yu

  • Master in Education (Major in Counseling)
  • Certified National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Hypnotherapist Instructor
  • Certified International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT) Therapist Instructor
  • Certified American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH) Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP) Master Practitioner
  • Certified Timeline Therapist, USA
  • ACTA Certified Trainer, Singapore Ministry of Manpower
  • National Certified Counselor, China

Mr. Aaron Yu is an experienced psychotherapist; hypnotherapist and has in-depth study in Family Therapy, Trauma Therapy, Enneagram, Narrative Therapy, Art Therapy, Hypnosis etc.

4. When is the next hypnosis preview?

Date of seminar, please refer to Chinese version page at http://sghypno.com/cn/introseminar.html

You can opt to reserve a seat under “Book Without Certain Date” if you are unsure when you will be able to make it. We will inform you whenever there is a preview session.

Location: Blk 167, Woodlands Street 11, #01-11 Singapore 730167

Direction: Upon exiting Marsiling MRT (Red Line), turn right and walk straight on until you see “Woodlands Street 11”. You will see 2 hawker centres on both sides of the road. We are located near ST 11 Cafe and directly behind First Medical Clinic & Surgery. Entrance is fronting a carpark.

Preview Language: Mandarin Only

5. How do I register for the preview?
You can register via “Online Registration” or “SMS Registration”

Venue Fee: Original Price $15 (first 50 pax free of charge)

For Online Registration please click on the link:

For SMS Registration:
SMS “ Hypnosis Seminar + Date + Name + Promo Code (If Available)” to 91856478. We will reply your sms to confirm.
NOTE: Not recommended for children under 12 years old but not restricted

Contact No: +65 66562106 or 91856478
Email: service@sghypno.com