I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to participate in this training program. The course allows me to learn more about myself and acquire wisdom to solve problems in life. Now, instead of focusing too much on a single perspective of an issue, I have a broader sense of mind and can live more comfortably and happier. The lecturer’s relaxed and fun teaching methods, balancing between practical and theory, makes this course the best practical hypnosis course I’ve ever attended!


I’m so thankful to be able to participate in such a good course in Singapore. I really admire the young participants taking part in this program, if only I had the same opportunity to attend such a good program 20 years ago, I would have led a better life and made less detours in life!

The course is really good. Not only did I learn valuable knowledge, I was also able to fully utilize these techniques to improve my daily life. The knowledge and techniques acquired created additional value to my life. I used the techniques that I’ve learnt in this course to help myself and others, which includes but not limited to family and friends. Since then, I’ve helped them improve relationships and enhance my spirituality at the same time. In conclusion, I really like this course!
I would like to personally thank you for your excellent lectures. Initially I thought the course will emphasise on how to hypnotise others and provide therapy. However, through the learning process, I’ve learnt that in order to help others I must first learn how to hypnotise myself, analyze myself (character, issues), solve my own troubles, minimise stress and resolve my bad moods & perceptions about life. I’ve also learned how to face difficult problems in life and how to solve them effectively through the usage of hypnosis. Before assisting others with their problems, heal and improve ourselves first was the lesson I brought home after the course. Dear teacher. Thank you so much!

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